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Email Marketing


Very few tools enable you to speak straight to consumers as effectively as email marketing. Don’t be another company that is pumping out boring updates. Let us turn your email marketing into things that are fun and strategic to fit your market. As with most marketing emails generally generate the greatest response. Especially, when they are part of a larger campaign. Champion Marketing Inc. makes content that is both creative and engaging to the consumer. This helps strengthen the bond and directly reach a wider audience. Email campaigns are geared towards conversions. Emails drive qualified recipients to targeted destination URLs, such as landing pages, menus and other smaller sites. Don’t worry, we work with a numerous amount of platforms.


The team begins by maximizing the effectiveness of your email campaign long before anything is even written. The team then conducts a full review of your client list to make sure that you are only targeting the qualified and engaged customers. Once the team has a perfect list to send to, we start creating compelling and engaging email copy. Conversion oriented email template designs are key to this process. We are always testing campaigns for optimal performance. You can rest easy knowing that your driven email campaign is made to achieve maximum results.


The involvement isn’t over after that. Once we have published an email, we continually analyze the campaigns’ effectiveness. Furthermore, reviewing all of open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and recipients feedback. Then we utilize this data to improve your next campaign with better percentages. We will report back with the results after the emails have been sent. We provide our clients with a crystal clear picture of how their email audience has been interacting with the campaign.


email marketing


Email Marketing Agency | Fort Lauderdale